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How Can You Protect Your Retirement Portfolio During the Election?

The upcoming presidential election offers some very stark choices. Both sides have their reasons why the world will end if their candidate isn’t elected, so everyone is pretty nervous about the election results. One of the biggest points of contention is the candidates’ contrasting ideas on the economy. It’s easy to paint an ugly picture of ...

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For your retirement planning, count on living until age 95

If you knew your date of death, retirement planning would be a breeze. Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately? — you don't. And that can make planning for retirement extremely difficult. Does your nest egg need to last 20 years? 30 years? 40 years? And what about couples? How should couples go about planning for the likelihood that one ...

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Will My Retirement Savings Support Me for 30 Years?

What's the best investing and withdrawal strategy to provide me a retirement income that will last 30 years? --Matt Clearly, the way you invest your savings and the amount you withdraw each year are both important in determining how long your retirement assets will last. Invest too aggressively and your nest egg might suffer losses so devastating ...

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401(k) Plan Shortcomings Failing As Retirement Income Program

The current “retirement plan” of choice – 401(k) plans – really aren’t true retirement income plans. While they can be great for accumulating savings, most 401(k) plans don’t do much to help older workers decide if they have enough money to retire, or how to convert their hard-earned savings into a retirement paycheck. Americans need more ...

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3 Steps to a Happier Retirement

You'll still need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Here’s the traditional conception of a successful financial life: You bust your chops for 40 years. Then, in your sixties, you get to kick back and spend your remaining days blissfully doing nothing. Sound like a prescription for happiness? It’s more like a recipe ...

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3 Bills to Pay off Before You Retire

It’s one year till retirement, and the clock is ticking. Sure, you knew better than to pay for junior’s $30,000-a-year college tuition, but you did it anyway because he’s a good kid, and, as parents, we want to give them a head start, right? Now, the looming mortgage balance and the credit card debt (that vacation to ...

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