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The Sad Truth About Retirement

The vast majority of older working Americans don't have sufficient savings to retire full-time at age 65 with their pre-retirement standard of living. That's one of the sobering conclusions from the recent Sightlines report issued by the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL). As a result, the report noted, workers approaching retirement will either need to work beyond age ...

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A Real Look At Retirement

Some people approach retirement strategically with the confidence they will have job security that lasts until their chosen retirement date and enough wealth when the time comes. View post

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How Retirement Will Change Your Life

You can plan for it, dream about it and try to visualize it, but there's no way to tell for sure what retirement will be like for you until after you've actually pulled the trigger and left the job. As you contemplate this major life change, remember to prepare for these potential retirement surprises. View post

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How The Next Tax Cut Will Help Your Retirement

As House Republicans unveil a plan to lock in individuals’ tax rate, the Trump administration has touted the positive effects of the initial round of tax cuts, with the latest data showing that July job openings hit a record 6.9 million. View post

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Ask Yourself These Retirement Questions

When do you plan on retiring? I often ask others this question during financial wellness workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions. Most people have at least a ballpark idea of when they would like to achieve a state of financial freedom where they will be able to stop working or transition to another season of life. ...

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Setting A Retirement Goal

Life doesn't happen linearly, so you can't predict things are going to be smooth because you're either doing really good or really bad. Very seldom are you just bored for two decades. It's an unusual thing if you're bored for two decades. Your overall goal—constantly adjusted and monitored—ought to sound something like this: You ought ...

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