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Will Social Security Really Run Out?

Will Social Security be able to pay you benefits during retirement? Americans are skeptical about the prospect: A full 51% of non-retired Americans responding to a Gallup survey indicated they doubt they'll get any benefits from Social Security when they retire. View post

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Know This About Stocks And Bonds For Retirement

Whether you’re a recent college grad, mid-career professional or senior, deciding how much to put in stocks and bonds can be confusing. View post

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Why Women Struggle More With Retirement Planning

How many of us have seen Grandma outlive Grandpa? Or Mom outlive Dad? Families try to help and plan for these major events, but it goes well beyond taking on supportive tasks such as yard work, driving to doctor’s appointments, and helping with shopping and cleaning. View post

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Don’t Make These Retirement Mistakes

Retirement is defined as the withdrawal of one’s position or occupation or from one’s active working life. The mere mention of the word conjures up varying emotions and thoughts – everything from excitement and jubilation to fear, panic, anxiety and stress. According to a newly released report from Gallup, 46% of U.S non-retirees believe they will not ...

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The Sad Truth About Retirement

The vast majority of older working Americans don't have sufficient savings to retire full-time at age 65 with their pre-retirement standard of living. That's one of the sobering conclusions from the recent Sightlines report issued by the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL). As a result, the report noted, workers approaching retirement will either need to work beyond age ...

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A Real Look At Retirement

Some people approach retirement strategically with the confidence they will have job security that lasts until their chosen retirement date and enough wealth when the time comes. View post

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