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Retirement Living: Renters are Outpacing Homeowners

Don't look now, but it's getting harder for older Americans to hold on to a key piece of the American dream. Homeownership patterns are shifting for Americans over age 55, even as the senior population grows. Particularly among those age 55 to 64, renting is becoming more common, and that trend is likely to continue, according ...

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The World’s Best Retirement Havens In 2016

Retiring abroad is easier and more affordable than ever before. These days it really is possible to spend your days relaxing beneath palm fronds on a Caribbean beach, enjoying farm-fresh produce in a mountain haven with year-round spring weather, or wandering the storied streets of a historic and cultured European city ... or all of ...

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Renting in Retirement

For years, the standard plan for retirement was to pay off your mortgage and continue living in your family home, or perhaps sell that home and pay cash for a smaller home, possibly in a retirement community. But that plan has changed in recent years, as some retirees have joined their millennial children and grandchildren in ...

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The 4 Worst Cities to Retire In

There may be something of a retirement crisis in America. Due to a strained economy, high education costs, and fewer companies offering retirement accounts to employees, workers are expecting to retire later than they used to. But, for at least a decade, folks have tended to leave their working lives behind sooner than they expected ...

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10 Most Tax-Friendly States for Retirement

Where you retire can have a great deal to do with how comfortable you are in retirement, for lots of reasons. One factor that always looms large in any would-be retiree’s mind is money, and a big part of the money picture in retirees’ budgets are taxes. Kiplinger ran the numbers on all 50 states and the ...

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Want to Stay Healthy? Retire in One of These 10 U.S. Cities

Wealth can be health Good health and sufficient health-care access are two of the most important factors in building a successful, sustainable life in retirement. Insurance company Bankers Life and its Center for a Secure Retirement research arm recently released a new report, "America's Best Cities for a Healthy (and More Affordable) Retirement," which ranks 60 ...

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