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5 American Cities Where You Can Retire On Just Social Security

The statistics on how unprepared Americans are for retirement can be terrifying. The median retirement account balance is $2,500 for all working-age households and $14,500 for near-retirement households, according to a 2015 study by the National Institute on Retirement Security. Two-thirds of working families fall short of conservative retirement savings targets for their age and income ...

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47423443 - happy senior couple in the front yard of their house.

10 Signs You’ve Found a Great Place to Retire

47423443 - happy senior couple in the front yard of their house. When you no longer need to live near your job, a world of possibilities opens up. Relocating can sometimes save you money if you can find more affordable housing and lower your tax bill. Residing near friends and your children and grandchildren can ...

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Just In: The 5 Worst States For Retirement In 2016

When planning your golden years, there’s more to consider than just the weather. With a limited income, many retirees also have to consider the financial feasibility of a retirement destination. Kiplinger’s, the personal finance website, recently released its annual list of the 15 worst states for retirement. Taking into consideration some of the top concerns shared by ...

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Is It Better To Buy Or Rent In Retirement?

Nationwide, it usually makes more financial sense to buy a home than rent. But it's a little more complicated for those in their golden years. Retirees also need to decide whether they want to leave an inheritance behind -- a key factor in the rent vs. buy decision. If a retiree does not plan to pass the ...

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Dream Destination for Retirement

As you approach retirement, one of the most significant, yet exciting, decisions you need to make is where and how you want to live in retirement. Many factors go into this decision process. Unless you're lucky enough to win the lottery or come into some unexpected money, it's important to start developing a plan early ...

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5 Places To Avoid If You Want To Stretch Your Retirement Dollars

The location of your retirement can have an impact on your financial health during your golden years. Often times, retirees underestimate the cost of living, housing expenses and taxes.  Analysts say choosing the right state for retirement can save retirees money and make a difference when it comes to monthly budgets especially for those living on ...

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