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What The Midterms Mean To Your Retirement

The Democrats won the House, the Republicans kept the Senate, and future retirees should be paying close attention to retirement legislation these next few years. View post

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How Long Will Your Retirement Money Last?

Retirement can be a wonderful time when you get to relax, explore your passions and spend time with your family. No matter how carefully you’ve planned for this period, though, you may find yourself asking: How long will my money last now that I’ve stopped working? View post

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Why You Should Retire Immediately

Would you love to retire early? So many people have that goal, and for a variety of reasons. For some, it's a matter of escaping a tough work schedule and the pressures that come with it. For others, it's an opportunity to spend quality time with family and pursue hobbies. View post

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How To Use Home Equity To Fund Retirement

Question: I am a late starter to retirement planning. Should I count my house or the equity in my house as an asset in my retirement plan? View post

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The Nicest And Most Affordable Places To Retire

Affordability, not weather, makes for a successful retirement destination. But why not have both? In a new report on how much it costs to live in the best suburbs for retirees, some of the least expensive places to retire were also in the country’s most desirable southern suburbs. View post

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This Strategy Will Help Your Earn Retirement Income

Many retirees are struggling to drum up adequate retirement income amid longer life expectancy, high health-care costs and low interest rates. View post

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