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4 Steps to Reinventing Your Retirement

There’s a “silver tsunami” making waves today. Around 10,000 baby boomers will hit retirement every single day over the course of the next 20 years. But for boomers, retirement doesn’t mean what it used to! In fact, for many nearing 65, retirement looks less like “taking it easy” and more like “taking on the next challenge.” For many ...

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Work Beyond Retirement Age Can Pay

The rules surrounding your Social Security benefits can be confusing. And the topic of collecting benefits while you’re still working can add to this confusion. There are many reasons to work into retirement while drawing Social Security benefits. Here are some important details to know if you’re working and collecting your Social Security benefits, or considering ...

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6 Ways to Profit From the Sharing Economy in Retirement

The sharing economy – platforms and services that make it easy for you to rent out things you own and services you offer – opens up some interesting options for retirees looking to generate extra cash during their second act. And contrary to what you might think, the sharing economy is no longer limited to ...

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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Retirement Isn’t Boring

Here's how to turn your second act into the start of something big. Fewer than than half of retirees say they are having a very enjoyable retirement, according to a recent research brief on retirement satisfaction from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Which is a shame, considering how diligently many of us save and plan for ...

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Study: Delaying Retirement Might Help You Live Longer

Delaying retirement has many financial benefits. You can tuck away some of your continued earnings for the future and give your existing savings more time to compound. Social Security payments also increase for those who sign up at an older age. A new study from Oregon State University found that retiring after age 65 may ...

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Thinking Beyond Money in Retirement

After a career of working, scrimping and saving, many retirees are well prepared financially to stop earning a living. But how do you find meaning, identity and purpose in the remaining years of your life? John and Kathryn Gee, both 57, recently engaged in this existential query. They have worked hard at well-paying technology-related jobs, invested ...

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