10 Healthiest (And Most Affordable) Places To Retire

41050382_sAsk retirees what their priorities are in retirement, and you’ll hear one message loud and clear: they care about their health.

That led nearly two in three middle-income retirees ages 47 to 75 to say that good health is “extremely important” to a satisfying retirement, according to a survey from the Center for a Secure Retirement. And conversely, health problems are Americans’ No. 1 concern in retirement, with 72% of people 45 and older saying it is their biggest worry in retirement, according to Merrill Lynch’s Retirement Survey.

So it makes sense for retirees to pick somewhere they can live the healthiest life possible. To that end, an analysis released Monday by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement revealed the healthiest cities (that are also affordable) for retirement. The survey ranked the 60 largest U.S. cities on eight categories: health care, the economy and affordability, social, wellness, activities, environment, transportation and crime.

Here are the 10 healthiest — and most affordable — cities for retirees.

10: Salt Lake City

Residents of this city are some of the most physically healthy in the nation, the survey revealed — with low levels of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Plus, they have high levels of civic involvement and get ample opportunity for outdoor activities thanks to nearby national and state forests.

9: Cleveland

Cleveland makes this list thanks in part to the its stellar health care options (the Cleveland Clinic is a top hospital for cardiology, urology, geriatrics, oncology and more) and offerings to keep the retired mind sharp (it has a plethora of quality libraries and cultural institutions like the Cleveland Orchestra and Playhouse Square, a well-regarded theater district).

8: Pittsburgh

Low crime, affordable living and top-notch cultural institutions like the Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Andy Warhol Museum help this city snag its prime spot, the survey revealed.

7: Baltimore

As the home to Johns Hopkins Hospital (a top 5 hospital in 10 different specialties), Mercy Medical Center and UM Medical Center, Baltimore gives its residents access to world-class health care. There are also plenty of opportunities for lifelong learning at nearby colleges and libraries.

6: Omaha

Omaha residents have more hospital choices per capita than people in nearly any other large city. Plus, boomers who live in this city report high levels of civic involvement, and they like the low housing costs.

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